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Adjusting to Life With Hearing Aids

By higginshear24209522, Dec 8 2017 09:24PM

Other people are telling you, you aren’t hearing them. You notice people seem to mumble more, and you don’t always understand what is being said. Throw in some everyday noise, and you are lost.

You aren’t alone. As we age, just like our eyes, the ears need some extra attention. Many hearing aid dealers and audiologists offer free screenings, so you may see just what sort of hearing loss you are dealing with. They will explain it to you, and possibly recommend doing a full audiometric exam, which includes bone conduction testing and speech discrimination tests. They will also check your ears for wax. At times ears can be impacted with it, and it could be the cause, or at least partially the cause of your hearing loss.

It may be hard to think of ourselves wearing hearing aids, that it makes us look old. If you haven’t seen todays hearing aids, take another look. With technology at our finger tips, you can be fit with hearing aids that are virtually unnoticeable, and will allow you to understand speech without straining to understand. If you have tinnitus as well, wearing hearing aids alleviates it for most people. Many hearing aids have a direct to smart phone feature, meaning you can take calls, and hear your caller right through your hearing aids, hands free. There are also accessories for your television, and just about any other device that has audio capabilities.

If you are a person who needs hearing aids, you can trial a set at most places, with no obligation. Here at Higgins Hearing Aid Service, we offer a 30-day trial with counseling to help you get used to wearing amplification. Give us a call. We can help.

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