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All In The Ear or Receiver In The Canal?

By higginshear24209522, Apr 27 2018 02:17PM

Part of getting hearing aids is choosing a style. How a hearing aid couples to the ear is a big deal. It changes the sound, the feel, and even how one feels about wearing the hearing aid.

For most patients we like the receiver in the ear style, for a few reasons. I will list them in no particular order:

A. Most of the time we can vent your ear canal much better with this style. When you get proper venting, everything “feels normal” as well as sounds better. No “barrel” effect, or the feeling of being occluded.

B. They are more aesthetically pleasing. Because the hearing aid is tucked behind the ear (they are much smaller now than ever before), with only a very thin wire going into the ear canal with an ear bud on the end (or sleeve mold if indicated), it’s not easy to notice when one is wearing them.

C. Receivers are changeable in our office if one does quit working. At times the wire can get a short, or simply wears out. No more sending the aid to the manufacturer for repair.

D. Because the receiver is located close to the ear drum, the sound is much cleaner and crisper sounding than in the ear or traditional behind the ear hearing aids.

Receiver in the canal hearing aids would not be an ideal fit for a patient who uses oxygen. Already having the tubes from the oxygen over the ears, and possibly glasses, we would not want to add a third device to that mix. Also, if a patient has problems with dexterity and cannot manipulate the hearing aid, we would want to consider all in the ear hearing aids. After all, if hearing aids are not functional, what is the point?

So, there you have it. Canal aids versus receiver in the canal aids depends on many factors from the aspect of hearing AND functionality. Talk it over with your professional when it’s time for new hearing aids. Make sure that person knows if you wear any other medical device, or have trouble manipulating small objects. They can work with you to give you a solution that satisfies your hearing as well as making them work in your daily life.

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