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Avoiding the Phone?

By higginshear24209522, Dec 29 2017 02:47PM

For some people, even when wearing their hearing aids and can hear moderately well, the phone can be a nightmare. They let others answer it, and when they must use the phone it’s frustrating not to be able to understand what is being said on the other end. If this sounds like you, give your hearing care professional a call. Most will have a relationship with a company providing captioned phones for land line in your area, such as Cap Tel. They offer free captioned phones, with extra large print, and a volume that can be turned up quite loud, much louder than ordinary phones. These phones also caption messages left on its answering machine. After reading your messages, you can save them or delete them.

Ask your hearing care professional if they have a relationship with a captioned phone company in your area. All that is needed is a form to be filled out by your hearing aid dispenser or audiologist, and faxed to the number provided on the form. Usually within two days the folks who install these phones will call you for an appointment to come to your home and set the phone up and will teach you how to use it. The service is free through the Americans With Disabilities Act, and it’s a wonderful thing. We have many happy clients with these phones, and that makes us very happy! For some of the phones internet is required. The folks at the captioned phone company will ask you the pertinent questions to make sure they have the right equipment for their visit. It’s really quite simple, and it’s making life easier for thousands across our great country.

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