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Exercising and Hearing

By higginshear24209522, Feb 23 2018 03:20PM

Who Knew?

Everyone knows exercise is good for the body, mind and spirit. But did you know that it is good for your hearing as well? Our bodies are amazing pieces of work, and when you treat them right, they will respond in kind.

The connection between cardiovascular health and hearing has been well documented over the past eight decades. That research showed a reduction of blood and nutrients to the cochlea, or hearing nerve, can reduce the viability of that nerve.

An interesting research project done in the seventies (Gerontology, 1977) showed adults with chronic cardiovascular disease had significantly poorer thresholds (a level that one can just barely hear a tone) than those without. The research found that even among younger adults diagnosed with early onset arteriosclerosis, there was a correlation with changes in the cochlea of those subjects.

More current research (2005) found in the Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, shows exercising appears to protect against hearing loss. The study participants, with all ranges of general health who exercised at least once a week were 32% less likely to develop hearing loss, compared to those who led a sedentary lifestyle. Expanding on their research, it was found that poor cardiovascular health had a negative effect on language processing and decision making in adults.

There have been many more studies on this subject and all seem to point in the same direction. Exercising will help our lives in many ways, even our hearing and cognitive function. So let’s get up and get moving!

Jul 13 2018 02:16AM by Joe

Very nice information about hearing & cardiovascular health and hearing.
well written article.
Keep posting.

Aug 3 2018 08:22PM by higginshear24209522

Thank you Joe! I thought it was a very interesting take on exercise for better hearing. It helps everything else, why not hearing too?

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