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I Live Alone, So I Don’t Have To Hear

By higginshear24209522, Mar 30 2018 01:21PM

Have you said those words before? Do you walk around your house without your hearing aids in, because you can turn up the volume on things you want to hear, when you want to hear them?

These are words I have heard many times over the years. In one aspect, I completely understand where this is coming from. Because there is no one to listen to, you don’t really feel the need put them in while at home alone. You only put them in when you are leaving the house, or maybe only when going to an event. We are finding out however, that it’s not just words that are important information for the brain. It’s the sounds of your house and your environment that are important as well. Keeping you in tune with what is going on around you keeps your brain active and engaged. The more information your brain receives, the better it performs, because it is a muscle, and must be exercised. Also, if you only wear your hearing aids on select occasions, you will never acclimate to what it is like to hear your surroundings.

If you are having a quiet afternoon, maybe on a rainy day, put those hearing aids in your ears so you can HEAR the rain hitting the windows, and the sound of thunder. Listen for the singing of the birds. Engage your brain to the living, breathing world around you. After a couple weeks, you will be acclimated again, and these sounds will not seem strange or bothersome, but a wonderful reminder of the beautiful world we live in.

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