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By higginshear24209522, Jun 1 2018 01:28PM

Lovers of music who also wear hearing aids may be missing the boat if they do not get a music program added to the program selection of their hearing aids.

Have you, as a user of hearing aids, listened to your favorite music only to have it sound, shall we say, less than stellar? Maybe even downright bad? This is because the circuit in your hearing aids for everyday listening is geared for speech, not music. The circuit is what makes the hearing aid run and process sound. Music, with drums, horns, pianos, and all the other instruments that go into making a delightful sound, is simply noise to your everyday circuit, which the hearing aid is supposed to suppress, thus making the final sound not what you might expect.

Most hearing aids have a program button, which can be used to access a program specifically designed for music. This program shuts off the noise cancellers and filters giving you the sound, unaltered, and true to what it is. It will also likely make things a bit louder, since your hearing is no longer being filtered by the circuit. This is a great program to use whenever you want to hear anything unfiltered, not just music.

If you would like a music program on your hearing aids, call your hearing dispenser or dispensing audiologist and make an appointment to have this program programmed into your hearing aids. Most of today’s circuits have this option. Happy listening!!

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