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OTC Hearing Aids: Yay or Nay?

By higginshear24209522, Dec 22 2017 02:21PM

In 2017, over the counter hearing aids became law. It is now legal to buy and sell them. The intent is to make hearing aids affordable for those with a mild to moderate hearing loss who may otherwise not seek amplification.

The first drawback is the safety and success of OTC hearing aids has not been established with research. If an OTC hearing aid doesn’t seem to help, the wearer may believe hearing aids won’t help them at all. This may stop him/her from seeking professional counseling for their hearing loss as well as putting those OTC aids in the drawer.

The second drawback is, people cannot self-diagnose the level, or type of hearing loss they may have, which could include conditions that may require the need for medical intervention. They are not able to look into their ears and see whether or not they are impacted with wax, or if the canal or ear drum has a medical condition that we are trained to look for, such as a perforated ear drum.

The third is that you do not get the personal service you do from a hearing aid provider when purchasing over the counter hearing aids. Our customers will be the first to say the attention they get, from cleanings, modifications if necessary, to programming and education about their hearing aids and their hearing loss, as well as educating family members is well worth it. If your hearing aid gets full of wax and will no longer amplify, will you know what to do? We do everything we can to help make the experience a great one right from the start.

If you feel you may have a hearing loss, give us a call for a free screening. We’ll explain our findings, and counsel you on the best scenario to help you hear again.

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