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By higginshear24209522, Jan 12 2018 02:15PM

One of my favorite things about serving patients at Higgins Hearing Aid Service is the relationships we have formed with them and their families over the years. We have the honor of getting to know family members and friends, and loved ones of all persuasions, even the fury kind. This helps in selecting the proper amplification for each individual, as each case is unique.

After spending some time with a new patient and being able to listen to their struggles and experiences, it’s valuable to also involve a close family member or friend that can help to elaborate on those struggles, and be the second set of ears in listening to the information provided by us. Counseling family members and friends on what hearing loss is all about can be a great benefit to the patient, as their hearing loss will be better understood by those around them. There are many aspects and tools to better help our loved ones with hearing loss, above and beyond the use of hearing aids, such as knowing where to sit in a busy restaurant, and enunciation, which are some examples.

As time moves on and the relationship grows we develop a much better understanding of the needs of our patients and can make recommendations that will be of greater help over the course of the relationship. We have many such relationships that have developed over the forty-six years we’ve been in Traverse City, and we value each one. In many cases we are now helping the children of those we’ve helped in the past and are no longer with us. It’s a great satisfaction to be able to forge these relationships that are so valuable to both the patient and our staff.

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