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By higginshear24209522, Aug 21 2018 03:53PM

When one decides it is time for hearing help, their search begins. Where do I go? Who can I trust to test and fit me with the most appropriate hearing aids, and what happens if I have trouble?

These are questions you should ask yourself. Service after the sale is of utmost importance. If one is a first-time user of amplification, it is even more important to find someone you can work with, after the fitting, to help you adjust to hearing again. A good portion of our job is to help and counsel you along the way. It is not necessarily natural to put a hearing aid in your ear, or to wear one all day, until you adapt. This can take a month, and for some maybe a little longer.

There is also the issue of maintaining the hearing aids. It is wonderful if you have a place you can walk into, at most any time during business hours and get real service. The kind where you walk out happy, and hearing.

Our office offers all of the above, and then some. We have a warm, comfortable space where you can wait for your hearing aids to be serviced, where you will find interesting reads, and chocolate! Lots of chocolate. You will be greeted warmly by Amy, our office manager, who is also a great technician. She can do most anything from professionally cleaning your aids, replacing receivers, tubing and filters, to blue tooth connection to your Iphone. She can also help with any insurance questions.

We are full service, reasonably priced, and very happy to see you whenever it is needed after the sale. What more could you want?

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