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When A Hearing Aid Isn’t Just A Hearing Aid

By higginshear24209522, Mar 16 2018 01:12PM

I have recently come across an article regarding innovations on hearing aids, so of course, I checked it out. Starkey has announced hearing aids “of the future” at their expo…..and it’s quite startling.

We all know how much better we can hear and understand with hearing aids, but did you know that soon, they will help you plan your day? With the use of onboard internal sensors, your hearing aids will track activity. They will give you driving directions and remind you of an appointment you have that day. They will let you know if the route you are taking has a backup or delay, and will suggest a better route to take, then give you driving directions to your destination. They will track things like blood pressure and blood sugar, and let you know if and when your health needs attention. They will turn on your coffee maker when you arise for the day. They will do all this and more, very soon.

I have not decided just yet how to feel about this type of technology. In many ways, we will not have to think for ourselves, because the hearing aids will do it for us, and we will not have to do the menial things we do every day, like make coffee. There is also the issue of distractions while doing things like driving. Is it a great idea to have a device suddenly speak up, in your ear, that you have an email, or that you have only walked 1500 steps that day?

The brain is a muscle, and if it’s not used, it becomes weak, this has been proven. Some will say these hearing aids will free up the mind for more important thoughts and decisions, but if the basic, everyday thoughts and functions of the mind disappear, will that impair the mind for those higher-level thoughts over time?

Mar 17 2018 12:22AM by Darren Graham

Technology should be embraced when it comes to hearing better. The consumer will dictate what is really necessary and what isn’t. A lot of this doesn’t help anyone hear, but will make life easier. Bring it on.

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