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By higginshear24209522, Feb 23 2018 03:20PM

Who Knew?

Everyone knows exercise is good for the body, mind and spirit. But did you know that it is good for your hearing as well? Our bodies are amazing pieces of work, and when you treat them right, they will respond in kind.

The connection between cardiovascular health and hearing has been well documented over the past eight decades. That research showed a reduction of blood and nutrients to the cochlea, or hearing nerve, can reduce the viability of that nerve.

An interesting research project done in the seventies (Gerontology, 1977) showed adults with chronic cardiovascular disease had significantly poorer thresholds (a level that one can just barely hear a tone) than those without. The research found that even among younger adults diagnosed with early onset arteriosclerosis, there was a correlation with changes in the cochlea of those subjects.

More current research (2005) found in the Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, shows exercising appears to protect against hearing loss. The study participants, with all ranges of general health who exercised at least once a week were 32% less likely to develop hearing loss, compared to those who led a sedentary lifestyle. Expanding on their research, it was found that poor cardiovascular health had a negative effect on language processing and decision making in adults.

There have been many more studies on this subject and all seem to point in the same direction. Exercising will help our lives in many ways, even our hearing and cognitive function. So let’s get up and get moving!

By higginshear24209522, Jan 12 2018 02:15PM

One of my favorite things about serving patients at Higgins Hearing Aid Service is the relationships we have formed with them and their families over the years. We have the honor of getting to know family members and friends, and loved ones of all persuasions, even the fury kind. This helps in selecting the proper amplification for each individual, as each case is unique.

After spending some time with a new patient and being able to listen to their struggles and experiences, it’s valuable to also involve a close family member or friend that can help to elaborate on those struggles, and be the second set of ears in listening to the information provided by us. Counseling family members and friends on what hearing loss is all about can be a great benefit to the patient, as their hearing loss will be better understood by those around them. There are many aspects and tools to better help our loved ones with hearing loss, above and beyond the use of hearing aids, such as knowing where to sit in a busy restaurant, and enunciation, which are some examples.

As time moves on and the relationship grows we develop a much better understanding of the needs of our patients and can make recommendations that will be of greater help over the course of the relationship. We have many such relationships that have developed over the forty-six years we’ve been in Traverse City, and we value each one. In many cases we are now helping the children of those we’ve helped in the past and are no longer with us. It’s a great satisfaction to be able to forge these relationships that are so valuable to both the patient and our staff.

By higginshear24209522, Dec 29 2017 02:47PM

For some people, even when wearing their hearing aids and can hear moderately well, the phone can be a nightmare. They let others answer it, and when they must use the phone it’s frustrating not to be able to understand what is being said on the other end. If this sounds like you, give your hearing care professional a call. Most will have a relationship with a company providing captioned phones for land line in your area, such as Cap Tel. They offer free captioned phones, with extra large print, and a volume that can be turned up quite loud, much louder than ordinary phones. These phones also caption messages left on its answering machine. After reading your messages, you can save them or delete them.

Ask your hearing care professional if they have a relationship with a captioned phone company in your area. All that is needed is a form to be filled out by your hearing aid dispenser or audiologist, and faxed to the number provided on the form. Usually within two days the folks who install these phones will call you for an appointment to come to your home and set the phone up and will teach you how to use it. The service is free through the Americans With Disabilities Act, and it’s a wonderful thing. We have many happy clients with these phones, and that makes us very happy! For some of the phones internet is required. The folks at the captioned phone company will ask you the pertinent questions to make sure they have the right equipment for their visit. It’s really quite simple, and it’s making life easier for thousands across our great country.

By higginshear24209522, Dec 22 2017 02:21PM

In 2017, over the counter hearing aids became law. It is now legal to buy and sell them. The intent is to make hearing aids affordable for those with a mild to moderate hearing loss who may otherwise not seek amplification.

The first drawback is the safety and success of OTC hearing aids has not been established with research. If an OTC hearing aid doesn’t seem to help, the wearer may believe hearing aids won’t help them at all. This may stop him/her from seeking professional counseling for their hearing loss as well as putting those OTC aids in the drawer.

The second drawback is, people cannot self-diagnose the level, or type of hearing loss they may have, which could include conditions that may require the need for medical intervention. They are not able to look into their ears and see whether or not they are impacted with wax, or if the canal or ear drum has a medical condition that we are trained to look for, such as a perforated ear drum.

The third is that you do not get the personal service you do from a hearing aid provider when purchasing over the counter hearing aids. Our customers will be the first to say the attention they get, from cleanings, modifications if necessary, to programming and education about their hearing aids and their hearing loss, as well as educating family members is well worth it. If your hearing aid gets full of wax and will no longer amplify, will you know what to do? We do everything we can to help make the experience a great one right from the start.

If you feel you may have a hearing loss, give us a call for a free screening. We’ll explain our findings, and counsel you on the best scenario to help you hear again.

By higginshear24209522, Dec 8 2017 09:24PM

Other people are telling you, you aren’t hearing them. You notice people seem to mumble more, and you don’t always understand what is being said. Throw in some everyday noise, and you are lost.

You aren’t alone. As we age, just like our eyes, the ears need some extra attention. Many hearing aid dealers and audiologists offer free screenings, so you may see just what sort of hearing loss you are dealing with. They will explain it to you, and possibly recommend doing a full audiometric exam, which includes bone conduction testing and speech discrimination tests. They will also check your ears for wax. At times ears can be impacted with it, and it could be the cause, or at least partially the cause of your hearing loss.

It may be hard to think of ourselves wearing hearing aids, that it makes us look old. If you haven’t seen todays hearing aids, take another look. With technology at our finger tips, you can be fit with hearing aids that are virtually unnoticeable, and will allow you to understand speech without straining to understand. If you have tinnitus as well, wearing hearing aids alleviates it for most people. Many hearing aids have a direct to smart phone feature, meaning you can take calls, and hear your caller right through your hearing aids, hands free. There are also accessories for your television, and just about any other device that has audio capabilities.

If you are a person who needs hearing aids, you can trial a set at most places, with no obligation. Here at Higgins Hearing Aid Service, we offer a 30-day trial with counseling to help you get used to wearing amplification. Give us a call. We can help.

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