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Hearing aids are delicate little pieces of equipment that require a little care and maintenance.  

Please review our list of suggestions to keep your hearing aid running at peak performance.


* DO NOT wear your hearing aid while showering, swimming, or in moist atmospheres such as a steam bath or sauna.


* If your hearing aid does get wet, or it has been exposed to high humidity or perspiration, it should be left to dry out overnight with the battery out and the battery compartment open.  It is also a good idea to put the aid and battery in a sealed container together with a drying agent (desiccator) overnight.


* DO NOT leave hearing aid in or near direct heat or sunlight, such as in a hot, parked car, as excessive heat can cause damage or deform the casing.


* Keep your hearing aid clean and dry.  Wipe the case with a soft cloth or tissue after use to remove grease or moisture.  DO NOT use water or solvents, as these can damage the hearing aid.


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