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Higgins Hearing Aid Service

Higgins Hearing Aid Service of Traverse City, MI offers a wide array of hearing aids. We have state-of-the-art digitals and Bluetooth hearing aids in all size configurations. Most people who regain their hearing ability with the help of a hearing instrument report a dramatic improvement in their lives.

Choices For Everyone:

  • Ultra small open fit behind-the-ear
  • Tiny completely-in-the-canal
  • Discreet canal style
  • Full in-the-ear size
  • Full behind-the-ear style

Our Staff:

  • Timothy Higgins, BC-HIS – Board Certified in Hearing Instruments Sciences; holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Michigan and has worked with the hard of hearing population and hearing aids since 1985
  • Kelley Vilenski – Has been with us since 2000 as Billing Manager and now holds a license in hearing aid sales; Since 2002 she has experience with testing, fitting, and repairing hearing aids
  • Sandra Higgins – Joined the business in 1990; has been involved with marketing, public relations, hearing aid repairs and service, and office management
  • Amy Pritchard - Joined us in 2013 as our office manager and biller. She is an enthusiastic & helpful addition to our team.

Contact Higgins Hearing Aid Service today at 231-947-2420 or for more details.

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